Dave Castro Says to "Be Better"

Some fun CrossFit Games facts from

With Mathew Fraser’s fourth straight victory, he ties Rich Froning as the winningest CrossFitter of all time.

  • Six straight podium finishes, never placing lower than 2nd.
  • Four straight championships, tied with Froning.
  • Four Open championships, and also the only athlete to win three straight.
  • Five straight Regionals championships.
  • Most Games event wins of any male with 15 and second to Annie Thorisdottir with 16.
  • Most event wins in a single Games with six.

Toomey is now arguably the greatest female CrossFitter of all time.

  • Three straight Games championships.
  • Five straight podium finishes, never placing below 2nd.
  • Won with the largest margin of victory of any athlete man or woman.
  • Toomey is now tied for fourth for most Games event wins of all time with 11.
  • She is tied with Kris Clever for the most event wins in a single CrossFit Games with five.

From Dave Castro:

“Be better. Be better. Come back more prepared next year to excel at anything that’s thrown at you. All these guys did that, they all excelled at what was thrown at them when it was thrown at them.

“The big complaints on the cuts when you really look at it, came after the 40 to 20. No one was complaining before that but once you started seeing the big names from the 40 to 20 go that’s when all the ‘chirping’ started happening.

“They need to look in the mirror, they don’t need to look at anyone else, they need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for it. That’s what these athletes should do. I think fans are complaining more than the athletes to be honest.”

Tuesday's Training:

"Monkey Business"

3 rounds:

400m run

20 Single Arm DB Hang Clean & Jerks (50/35)

15 Pull-ups